The upper part of the river flows through beautiful, rocky valley, where the bed is stony and with more rapids. Better be more experienced to pass through this part of Otava and choose appropriate weather (spring month, heavy rain, ice melting). The upper part is oft impassable because of lack of water.

Sušice- Camp Otavatour-Rábí-Žichovice

Length: 7km

Time: ca 2,5 hours

This if one the most famous part of Otava river with one water weir, suitable for beginners or families with children.

The cruise starts from Otava tour’s dock.

The end of the cruise ends nearby castle Rabí, 250 meters above road bridge, where the EXIT sign is (Otava Tour- Rabí).

For the way back, we recommend using public train transport from nearby village Žichovice.

Sušice Camp Otavatour- Horažďovice

Length: 17 km

Time: ca 5 hours

The most famous one-day part of river. It is the lower part of Otava river with 3 water weirs, suitable for beginners and families with children. The end of cruise is above the weir in Horažďovice, on the left side of playground “na Lipkách”.

For the way beck, we recommend using public train transport from station Horažďovice.



Length: 5 km

This part is only for experienced paddlers, best part of the season is spring and only after heavy rain.

Difficulty is from WWW2 to WWW3.

Attention, we do not borrow plastic canoes, passing is possible only with rafts, inflatables canoes or kayaks.

Radešov camp- Sušice Campside

Length: 16 km

Beautiful part of Otava river, suitable for rafts and canoes when the water is optimal, better for experienced paddlers.

Difficulty from WWW1 to WWW2.

Current passability here:

Please, pay attention while passing water weirs. For your best, stop first above the weir and appraise if you are capable of.

Bike hire Otavatour

We can offer you bikes, nearby our hire is bus station and from there you can take a Bike Bus.

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