Destinace Sušicko

Yourpartner for traveling around Sušice.

This Localdestination came into being January 2021 and offers possibility of cooperationwith public, non-profit and private section.

Destinace Sušicko, z.s.
Poštovní 10, 342 01 Sušice
IČO: 09776559

Our vision

Our visionis to support tourism at all, mutual communication and cooperation betweenpartners.

Commonpromotion of our region.

Activitycoordination around Sušice.

Support ofenvironment-friendly tourism, individual partners and local people..

Definition of area

Thislocation is surrounded by 3 castles, Kašperk, Rabí and Velhartice. Another important landmark are 2 sightseeing towers- Svatobor and Sedlo. In close proximity of our region are borders of Nature Conservation area of Šumava and Šumava National Park and through this area flows one of the famous paddling river- Otava.  
There are many cultural and natural monuments to see and to visit.

Destination Manager

Ing. Dagmar Jíchová

Destination Committee:

  • Pavel Javorský -chairman
  • František Švelch- vice chairman
  • Ing. Lukáš Hamák- member of committee
  • Mgr. Veronika Kočí- member of committee
  • Ing. Karel Sedlecký- member of committee
We are 3K Platform

CzechTourism Certification

    From 2021 is local Destination is local Destination certificated.
Certification of CzechTourism

Destination strategic document Sušicko 2024+


Action plan
Sušicko 2024


Foto: Vymezení území destinace Sušicko

The activity of the destination is financially supported by the Pilsen Region as part of the program: "Support of activities within regional and local destination management in the Pilsen Region."