Sušice - Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes - Červené Dvorce - Luh Forest Park - Sušice

Near Sušice, in Červené Dvorce, you can find the family-owned cheese dairy Melcher. Delicious cheeses are made from fresh organic milk from cows that are fed only with hay and pasture from mountain meadows at the foot of Svatobor Mountain. The creamy-flavored cheeses are handmade according to their own recipe, right on the farm, in a small dairy where you can also purchase them.

Points of interest:

  • Sušice - New Jewish Cemetery in Křičkova Street, likely established in 1876.
  • Sušice - Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes - a pseudoromantic pentagonal building with a five-sided onion-shaped bell tower on the ridge of the roof. The construction of the chapel was initiated by a burgher and shoemaker named Tomáš Krčmář from Sušice. After gradually losing seven children, he decided to build the chapel to honor St. Philomena for the protection of his eighth child and his wife. The construction of the chapel was supported by an unknown burgher who received inspiration in a dream to donate statues of Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Joseph to the chapel. The foundation stone of the chapel was laid on June 15, 1887, and it was consecrated on September 25, 1887. Since then, processions have been regularly held, including a light procession of believers on World Day of the Sick, which coincides with the date of the Lourdes apparition, on February 11. The processions have been held regularly since then.

Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes

Luh Forest Park - a unique floodplain forest that includes the Otava Cycling Path, a paradise for pedestrians, cyclists, and inline skating enthusiasts. It also features Santos Island, a popular venue for cultural events, and the Fuferna River Baths, where you can refresh yourself in the Otava River. There is also a sports complex.

Nearby services:

  • Sušice - restaurants, confectioneries, cafes.
  • Červené Dvorce - Seating at Páteček - a refreshment stand, 300 meters off the planned route.