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Jews lived in the area of Sušice already in the second half of the 16th century. The Jewish quarter was established in Vodní Street near Freedom Square. In 1963-64, the Jewish quarter, including the synagogue, was demolished. The synagogue was a Neo-Romanesque building with a rectangular floor plan, and its entrance was from Vodní Street. The foundation stone of the Sušice synagogue was laid on July 14, 1857, and after two years, on July 18, 1859, it was opened to the public. The demolition of the synagogue took place from January to March 1964. Interesting points: Stolpersteine (Stumbling Stones) - memorial stones that are usually placed in the pavement in front of houses that were the last known residence of people deported, expelled, or murdered by the Nazis. In Sušice, we can find Stolpersteine for the Klinger family - T.G. Masaryk Street 23, for the Gutmann family - Freedom Square 30, and for the Borger/Fischer family - Freedom Square 32.

Old Jewish Cemetery - The cemetery is located 250 meters southwest of Freedom Square in Příkopy Street. It is enclosed by a high stone wall on the northern side, which is the entrance to the cemetery, and on the southern side, it is bordered by a Gothic outer wall of the town fortification with an open prism-shaped bastion. The cemetery, covering an area of 430 m², contains 192 granite and sandstone tombstones, including 9 fragments dating from 1660 to 1875. Among those buried in the cemetery is Bernard Fürth (died 1849), an entrepreneur who played a key role in the establishment of the Sušice match industry.

New Jewish Cemetery - The cemetery is located 1200 meters from Freedom Square on Křičkova Street. The entrance to the cemetery is from the southern side, and there is a staircase with stone steps and tall lime trees on both sides leading to the cemetery. The cemetery covers an area of 1973 m² and contains 177 registered tombstones from 1876 to 1946.

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