The route starts at the information center in the square (point 1).

There are countless footpaths leading to the summit.

The most popular route starts in Sušice at the Chapel of St. Anthony (point 2) and leads through Scheinostovo's Grove, where you can rest in a gazebo and refresh yourself with water from a spring (point 3).

Just a few meters above the gazebo, the winding Snake Path begins (named after its shape), which takes you to the site of the former mountain hut. Today, it is a unique viewpoint with a panoramic board, a wooden shelter, and a paragliding launch ramp (point 4).

At the top of Svatobor, you will find a lookout tower (point 5). It is 31 meters tall and has 182 steps. From the top, you can enjoy views not only of the interior but also of the Šumava Mountains and, on clear days, even the Alps. You can see Rábí, Kašperk, Poledník, Pancíř, and Velký Javor. After the hike, you can relax on the terrace of the Svatobor mountain chalet, which offers traditional Czech cuisine to tourists and motorists all year round (as you can also drive to the lookout tower by car). There is a fireplace prepared in front of the Svatobor chalet.

The descent can be filled with adrenaline – in the form of off-road scooter riding or sledging in winter. However, our route leads along the slopes of Svatobor, past the local cheese dairy (point 7), and all the way to Páteček (point 8). Páteček is a popular spot for swimming in the Otava River, with a pebble beach that children especially love. There is also refreshment available, which operates as a self-service bar in winter. After a pleasant refreshment, a relaxed path awaits you along the Otava River.

You can conclude the trip at Santos Island, which is a city forest park that won the Park of the Year competition (point 10).

Alternatively, you can relax at the reconstructed municipal swimming pool, which is just a few meters from the island. And now we're back in the city – don't miss this trip when visiting Sušice! It's truly worth it.