You can set off to Andělíček at any time of the day, but it holds a special charm at night. From the square, in the right corner behind the town hall, you can take a picturesque alley to the waterfront. Cross the Otava River on a pedestrian bridge, from where you can already see the beautifully illuminated Andělíček. After the bridge, walk through the park, passing by the statue of T.G. Masaryk, which is one of the few that remained in place even during the former regime in the Czech Republic. At the end of the park, you will see the most beautiful school in Sušice and the unique villa neighborhood called Burinka, which was built in the 1920s. Some of these houses were featured in the TV series "Policie Modrava." Continue up the Palacký Street until you reach the Chapel of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, where you turn left. After a few meters, you will come to a staircase that leads to the chapel.