Lookout tower Sedlo

Type of lookout tower: wooden

Lookout tower height: 27.75 m

Number of steps: 139 Altitude: 902 m above sea level

At an altitude of 902 meters above sea level, the Celts built a fort three thousand years ago. The remains of the defensive ramparts are still visible today. The first modern building on Sedle was a military observatory, built during the Second World War. It still served military purposes in the fifties of the last century, the abandoned voice became a popular tourist destination. The building was not maintained and collapsed over time. The new lookout tower on Sedle was only built in 2009. It is an all-wooden tower with a walkway at a height of 23.75 meters. The tower has 8 floors, the ground plan is a heptagon. The total height of the observation tower is 27.75 m. The view from the observation tower is amazing. The lookout tower is open all year round, is freely accessible and entry is free.

To the top?

Starting point: Albrechtice (7.8 km from Sušice in the direction of Rok – Záluží - Albrechtice)

From the guesthouse Pod Sedlem, follow the red tourist sign for approx. 1.5 km on foot.