Old Jewish Cemetery - The cemetery is located 250 meters southwest of Freedom Square in Příkopy Street. It is enclosed by a high stone wall on the northern side, which is the entrance to the cemetery, and on the southern side, it is bordered by a Gothic outer wall of the town fortification with an open prism-shaped bastion. The cemetery, covering an area of 430 m², contains 192 granite and sandstone tombstones, including 9 fragments dating from 1660 to 1875. Among those buried in the cemetery is Bernard Fürth (died 1849), an entrepreneur who played a key role in the establishment of the Sušice match industry.

New Jewish Cemetery - The cemetery is located 1200 meters from Freedom Square on Křičkova Street. The entrance to the cemetery is from the southern side, and there is a staircase with stone steps and tall lime trees on both sides leading to the cemetery. The cemetery covers an area of 1973 m² and contains 177 registered tombstones from 1876 to 1946.