Established in 1880 (the first museum in south western Bohemia) situated in the Voprchovský House no. 40 since 1932 the courtyard shows remains of the medieval town fortifications.

Permanent exhibitions: examples of archaeological finds from Primeval and Mediaeval times Sušice Pewter Treasure – represents over eighty pieces of pewter dishes from the 16th - 17th centuries Municipal interior from the mid 19th century with an exhibition of the National Revival in Sušice Capuchin Library – old prints and first incunabula from the local Capuchin Cloister, Baroque sculptures from the Chapel of the Guardian Angel Bruno Schreiber‘s Glass Collection – includes in particular Czech glass from the Šumava region from the second half of the 18th century till the beginning of the 20th century Sušice match-making industry – tools and machines for making matches, the oldest fire lighters, matches and labels for boxes with matches.

Sušice Mechanical Christmas Crib
One of the oldest mechanical cribs in the Czech Republic it took 10 months to complete in 2004 the crib depicts the traditional way of life in the town of Sušice, the Sušice region and in the Šumava Mountains showing traditional crafts it is 5 m long, 3.5 m deep and 2.8 m high and it covers slightly over 16 m2 there are 150 movable and 150 fixed figures and 35 buildings the crib forms a part of the permanent museum exhibition on the Šumava.