The largest castle ruin in Bohemia is rising above a village of the same name at the road Sušice – Horažďovice. The oldest part of the castle from the time after 1300 is a huge prismatic tower. In 1421 Hussite captain Jan Žižka lost his second eye in the battle there. In late 15th cent., the castle was extended into a grand seat and the settlement round the castle was raised to a town. In 1978 it was stated to be the National Cultural Monument, in 1979 - 85 a large reconstruction was realized. In the tourist season many cultural activities, concerts, theatre performances etc. are held in the castle. Castle interiors: stables (exhibitions, wedding ceremonies), a dungeon, a courtyard, an observation terrace, a 26 m high castle tower, a hall with the expositions of medieval tiles, archaeological findings from the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries and a model of the castle.

Hrad Rabí