Baroque chapel of the Guardian Angel, commonly referred to as Andelícek, that was built as a pilgrimage chapel by the Capuchins in 1682 – 83. In 1735 cloisters with

four corner chapels, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, St John of Nepomuk, St Florian and St Mary Magdalene, were added to the chapel.

When looking south, you can see the town as if on the palm of your hand.



Here are several legends connected with this site above Sušice.

One of them tells of a little boy who was gathering strawberries in the woods and by accident trod on a snake. The snake hissed and wound itself around the boy‘s leg. The boy was petrified but then he saw an angel standing next to him. The angel smiled at the boy and bent towards him. The snake dropped to the ground and disappeared. The boy‘s parents and other religious families commissioned a small chapel to be built and had a picture of the Guardian Angel painted on the wall.